Principal, AIN

Nursing profession has come a long way from serving to maintenance of health standards, advanced education and research. Ms. Florence Nightingale is the patron and true epitome of the modern nursing profession.
As a vital component of medical care, it has stretched itself in preventive, promotive, rehabilitative and evidence based care of the sick and the society, it offers tremendous scope of career growth, and opportunities, both in India and abroad, are more and varied. The biggest challenge, India faces today is the lack of human resources in nursing sector In the rapidly changing health care scenario of the day, nurses are challenged to work in expanded, specialist and advanced practice roles.
Nursing education is much more than making them up in preparation. It means continuous growth and holistic development with the use of communication and nursing informatics to carry along with the health team, patients and the community.
Our country’s most valuable asset is its human resource which can be made more productive by improving the health & education of its people. Health care keeps the people happy. In health sector, the nursing of patients is very vital in any hospital/nursing home. Nursing is one of the finest professions for our youths to serve people not only in the country but abroad, besides feeling pleasure, seeing the smiles on the faces of patients. Since nurses serve the humanity, they are favorites of the Almighty God.
Anindita Institute of Nursing is committed to help our youths to adopt this profession. We are to continue to achieve the objective of serving people as enshrined in the mission of our Nursing Institute since 2020.
Hence, it is my special joy and privilege to invite you to be part of this institution, to which we are proud to belong and eager to profess commitment, to face the future of nursing care and education with confidence and competence and congratulate to be a part of this noble profession world wide.

With warm wishes.